Neocon 2017 Theme: Gender gap in Neonatal Survival-Time to Act

About NNF

The National Neonatology Forum (NNF) came into existence in 1980 through the initiative of a handful of leading pediatricians working in the field of neonatology. They set forth the following objectives for NNF:
  • To encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practice of the science of neonatology in the country.
  • To draw out recommendations for neonatal care at different levels
  • To establish liaison with other professionals concerned with neonatal care
  • To assess the current status of electronic equipment being used in the country for perinatal care
  • To promote indigenous manufacturing of the equipment
  • To develop neonatal component of the curriculum for medical as well as nursing teaching
  • To organize conferences, training’s, workshops etc.
  • To promote neonatal care in the country

Present Office Bearers


Dr B. D. Bhatia


Dr Ajay Gambhir

Past President NNF


Dr. Alok Bhandari

Hony. Secretary

Dr. Lallan Kr. Bharti

Jt. Secy. Cum Treasurer NNF

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